What is an Employment Lawyer ?

Labor Law

Given the broad scope of legal proceedings, it is only natural that you will find lawyers in any law firm specializing in specific areas that may require specialized legal assistance. Among them are labor lawyers who, as apparent by the name, deals in matters pertaining to labor-related cases. The piece will cover different aspects of who are labor lawyers and what is it they do.

Do you know?
Oregon state law provides every worker with sick leave. All employees are given one hour of protected sick leave for every 30 hours worked, no more than 40 hours per year.

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What is a Labor Lawyer?

What is An Employment Lawyer?

Labor lawyers specialize in labor laws (both, state and federal laws) and represent both, employers and employees in the court. Any law firm providing legal services will have several labor lawyers at their disposal given that they play a major role in ensuring that both employees and the employers are represented in accordance with federal law if a need ever arises across all industries. 

They help ensure that employees are treated fairly and that the employers are compliant with the labor and employment law. Among the many services they provide, they help organizations in drafting employee contracts, employee handbooks, and provide assistance in matters like wage laws and compliance with the state and federal laws.

Additionally, they are hired for their assistance in employment-related legal matters such as:

  • Violation of employment law/s
  • Violation of employment contracts
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment issues
  • Negotiation, litigation, or mediation

In short, they help their client (whether employer or employee) by explaining their rights to them as well as the applicable laws. Labor lawyers act as both, solicitors and barristers. This means they can help represent either employee or the employer in the court of law while also helping draft or review documents which include contracts and handbooks for the employees. 

What Does A Labor Lawyer Do?

If you are an employee and are suffering from any form of unlawful action that is enacted by the employer and is against the state and federal law, you can take the assistance of a labor lawyer to represent you against the National Labor Relations Board or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission given the nature of your case. There are a lot of claims that an employee can make against their employer, granted that they are guilty of what they are being accused of. 

They help employees unionize and inform them of their rights which they can legally practice in their workplace. In case the employees fear that their rights are being kept from them, they can avail of legal services offered by the labor lawyers to have a just and legal resolution of their issues.

In a similar fashion, labor lawyers also represent the employers, along with helping them understand the rights of the employees, and their responsibilities pertaining to their employees. For employers, it is a safe practice to have a labor lawyer keep educating and guiding them about the state and federal laws that may apply to their workplace. They can ensure compliance and even represent them against regulatory boards in case they are ever cited for non-compliance.

So whether you are an employee fighting for your right or an employer defending yourself against false accusations and seeking professional help to ensure compliance with the federal laws, a labor lawyer can help both meet their objectives.

A labor lawyer is the best way to approach labor-related legal matters.

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