Divorce Lawyer in Seattle, Washington

Going through a divorce isn’t something anyone expects when they get married, but sometimes a marriage fails, and there is simply no other choice. Divorce is the legal termination of all the marriage aspects. Different states have different laws and regulations about divorce because federal laws do not extensively govern divorce. In Seattle, Washington, it only requires one spouse to announce the end of the marriage. After that, the divorce declaration can be granted. Divorce statutes also require that at least one of the parties be a resident in the state. There are other exemptions on this statute, like on the military. Washington is a community property state. When a couple gets divorced in Seattle, Washington, the courts will take a community property approach to divide their assets. Hence, implying that the property attained during the marriage is recognized as the couple’s property. However, some exemptions are on inheritance. The divorce law applies to both the dissolution of marriages and domestic partnerships reregistered in the state. When it comes to divorce, the courts in Washington are not interested in knowing who is at fault. The laws also provide that the state has to be fair and equitable. Hence, property and liabilities will be divided fairly and equitably. 

divorce laws in Seattle,

In the divorce laws in Seattle, Washington, there is no room for consideration of marital misconduct as a deciding factor for property division and deciding on child custody. In this state, divorces do not happen in one day but can take a minimum of three months. Some even take six months or longer, depending on the issue at hand. Also, to deal with divorce laws, the court only considers legal marriages. This makes common law not to be valid for committed intimate relationships. The divorce process can commence by one of two ways; you can file a petition for dissolution of marriage or get served with a petition.

A divorce lawyer is a family lawyer who specializes in divorce. The divorce lawyers in Seattle, Washington, help their clients get through the divorce process. The divorce law in Washington is complex. Thus, it is in an individual’s best interest to consider an experienced lawyer to guide them through the process. They should understand their client’s values and concerns by understanding how they want to deal with the issue. They should know what the family laws state since they usually rely on these statutory in representing their clients. Divorce lawyers in Seattle WA help their clients avoid making common mistakes. The lawyer also needs to be a good confidant and listener, for in most cases, the parties disclose a lot about their broken marriages. Most of the divorce attorney in Seattle WA work with large law firms, while a few practice solo.

Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer

The divorce lawyers in Seattle have specialized in this field, and they have several responsibilities, which include:

  1. The lawyers advise their clients on their legal rights and what they can expect.
  2. The divorce lawyers spend most of their time researching, gathering evidence, drafting paperwork, and filing documents with the court.
  3. The Seattle divorce lawyers manage the divorce process from the start to the end and assist their clients decide on the best process.
  4. The divorce lawyers review their client’s paperwork, including their net worth statements, past tax returns, and other key accounts.
  5. They work on related matters, such as child custody disputes, wills, trusts and leases, as these issues related to divorce.
  6. They advise and represent their clients before the judges in settlement situations and during the case.


Divorce is a messy and draining situation that no one would want to go through as it causes a lot of emotional distress. Thus, the process needs to be handled by an experienced divorce lawyer who values one’s concerns. In some situations, the process is complicated. Thus, one needs an experienced divorce lawyer’s help. In the process of divorce, adoption, child support-related issues, and property sharing issues, it is better to visit experienced law firms to get professional advice. Experienced divorce lawyers at Freel Sparks law firm can help you find the right solution and approach.