Family Law Attorney in Seattle (WA)

Family law is a legal practice concerned with issues like divorce, family rights and relationships, partnerships, and parent/child. The laws are similar in most states, but the difference comes in how the States apply them. Some of these laws are made by the state. For instance, the Revised Code of Washington 26 revolves around marriage break down and children welfare. In Seattle, there are specific family courts that handle pretrial requests. Some cases are private, while others are public, depending on the petition. The party can file a petition before a family commissioner or a judge depending on its nature. Washington family law also encourages both parents to stay involved in their child’s life all through and share parenting responsibilities. The parental rights are only limited if abuse, neglect, or other harm to the child are reported. During a divorce, the parties submit a document with details on the parenting plan stating the parental schedule with every child and what decisions every parent will make. In Washington State, the family law in Seattle states that property should be divided equitably. According to the statute, one could receive more or less than half of the community property considering how long the relationship has lasted and the economic situations. Marriage can also be nullified under certain circumstances in this state. Seattle Family law attorneys can represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations and can also draft important legal documents.

The family law attorney in Seattle, WA, helps handle these issues to do with family disputes. They handle child custody issues. The attorney, therefore, needs to have understanding and experience on what the state dictates about the issue at hand so that they can advise their clients appropriately. Navigating the legal process requires skills and experience in the field. This is where the family law attorney comes in to help their client. They act as mediators and representatives in most of these cases. Thus, family law attorneys are important in every state.  Most of the family lawyers in Seattle, Washington, belong to large law firms, whereas some practice solo.

Duties of a Family Law Attorney

Family lawyers are responsible for dealing with legal issues that arise between members of the same family. They represent their clients in court. Family law attorneys have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to family matters. It includes;

  1. They help their clients with divorce issues by giving the appropriate advice and helping them navigate the whole legal process by following the legal procedures.
  2. They help their clients make agreements. These are the agreements presented in court during the divorce petition.
  3. The family law attorneys help their clients draft important legal documents. For instance, the court petitions and the sharing property agreement.
  4. Some family attorneys have specialized in the adoption, paternity, and independence of the minor. They help clients facing such problems.
  5. They advise their clients when it comes to child support and child custody. They focus on advancing the child’s interests.
  6. The attorneys also represent their clients during court proceedings and ensure they get justice.
  7. Property agreements and estate planning are both under the supervision of a family lawyer. 


Family is one of the most important things in the life of a human being. However, it is faced with many challenges. This is the reason there exists family law that handles issues to do with the family. It often intersects a wide range of legal practices, and the family courts try to protect victims and ensure a safe environment. This is why every state requires a family attorney to help the victims navigate the situation. In the process of divorce, adoption, child support-related issues, and property sharing issues, it is better to visit law firms or solo attorneys who have experience in this matter to help one navigate through everything. Professional family law firm gives the best advice to their clients. Contact a family law firm today to help you with your family law or divorce cases.