Disability Discrimination Attorney in Seattle (WA)

Disabilities are hard, not just for the individual suffering from them but also for their family. It is morally, and ethically required of us to be kind and considerate towards such individuals, but that’s not always the case. In reality, disabled people face a lot of discrimination. In workplaces, you can find many a disability discrimination case where the employer will be directly in the violation of employment law and disabilities act. 

If you too are facing the aforementioned circumstances in Seattle, then you are in need of a disability discrimination attorney in Seattle. Freel Sparks have the best discrimination disability lawyer in WA who can help you take a legal stance in the discrimination court and file for a discrimination case against the employer.

Disability Discrimination Attorney in Seattle — What You Need to Know:

Disability Discrimination

As per the law, it is the legal responsibility of an employer to make necessary accommodations for employees with disabilities. As per the employment law, they are not in any position to take any adverse employment action that may be categorized as discrimination against the individual with a disability. 

However, if such is the case, you can take the help of a discrimination disability attorney in Seattle and take the matter to the court. We can define disability discrimination as physical or verbal accuse that is directed towards an individual with any form of disability. It can also convert a seemingly normal workplace environment to hostile; this makes it the responsibility of the employer to make arrangements that prevent discrimination against such employees. Additionally, it is a legal requirement as per the employment law where the individual who is being discriminated against can take the help of a discrimination lawyer and under the disabilities act of 1990, can take the matter to the court.

At Freel Sparks, we understand this is a real phenomenon and have experienced ADA discrimination lawyer in Seattle WA. Our ADA discrimination lawyer in Seattle, WA are well-versed in these practice areas and provide sound legal advice to people who believe they are being legally discriminated against by their employer.

Know Your Rights!

A federal ADA requires you to fill some conditions before they can file your case for disability discrimination which includes:

  • Your disability being medically recognized and diagnosable;
  • You have a record of your disability that has been medically registered by experts;
  • Your disability exists and is not just perceived by you to exist.

If your employer refuses to hire you based on your disability despite you having the qualification and capability to perform the job well, you can call for the help of a discrimination disability lawyer in WA from Freel Sparks. Also if you believe your employer is discriminating against you because of your disability by:

  • Refusing to reasonably accommodate you and/or your needs;
  • Refusing to promote you because of your disability;
  • Terminate you from your job because of your disability;
  • Taking any adverse employment action;

Then you are eligible to file a case against your employer where an ADA discrimination attorney can help you. 


If you believe you have been a victim of disability discrimination, then consult with our lawyers at Freel Sparks. Our disability discrimination attorney in Seattle can help you determine whether you can legally file a case against your employer and even help you gain evidence against your employer. Having the best team of ADA discrimination lawyer in Seattle, we are readily available for you to help you fight for your rights; so contact us today and let us help you!