Mississippi Divorce Law

When a few marriages don’t get successful, at the last moment a couple surely needs to take up a strict decision of getting separated. so here is a legal process for proceeding with this separation. However, this legal separation is called divorce and there are relatively two parties involved in this. Hence, the Divorce Law in Mississippi matters a lot to approve this separation of spouses. 

Divorce Law
Divorce Law

For all this legal process of divorce, there is a Mississippi divorce law, according to which all important decisions are being taken by the judge. Furthermore, there are many grounds for divorce. along with this, here you would come to know how assets get divided in divorce. 

Who is a Divorce Law?

As we have discussed, divorce is a legal separation and you can also call it a dissolution of marriage. This termination of the marital relationship gets done only with the help of referral court in which the case will be submitted. Therefore, this procedure comes under Divorce Law in Mississippi.

Furthermore, if there are some divisions of our properties to child custody or there are a number of issues while you are getting a divorce, then at that moment, you would need a perfect divorce attorney to handle all such situations. 

But to your knowledge, it is also not mandatory to hire an attorney for handling some conditional cases, when you don’t have any children involved. Moreover, divorce is completely an emotional process and couples have to take their firm decision to get all things done through this process of separation. 

Because when married couples are deciding to get separated, they will definitely also separate property as well. If they have a child also, there are some grounds on which the child will be liable to take complete rights of the property as well of his father. 

What are the 5 grounds for divorce?

It would be a wise decision to consider all grounds for divorce before you are filing for a divorce. So, there are five grounds for divorce that would be very important for you to know about. 


Let’s have a look at all these grounds for your better knowledge:


Well, adultery means if anyone is coming into some sexual relations with another person during the marriage. Also, it is the reason for being separated. as well as, this ground will be the only one preferred to be proven if there is any circumstantial evidence available. 


According to Divorce Law in Mississippi, If within couples, anyone is making any inhuman treatment with each other or there is any habitual quality that is being done by any on an extreme level with the physical abuse as well as emotional abuse, so you can go ahead with filing your plea. Hence, you must know everything before proceeding with the divorce petition. 


When your partner is not cooperating with you and he has some habitual drunkenness, you can now use this as a ground of habitual drunkenness. This Will definitely help you to proceed with the divorce petition any time because this is a legal ground for filing a divorce. 


In case, your spouse is completely habitual of doing drug addiction, so on the basis of this ground to file a divorce, it will help you if you would be able to prove that your spouse has a drug addiction problem. So, this means you need to take completely erudite decisions or need to understand the main aspect of your current situation on which basis you need to apply for a divorce. 


Moreover, In case of desertion, a couple does not come in contact for over one year and they are not communicating. Suppose, your partner has abandoned you and he has completely refused you or neglected to provide all facilities for you. So, you should definitely proceed with the petition for divorce. For sure, that will help you to defend against all the allegations of abandonment. but you need to prove that and later on, you can now get a grip on this. 

What is a wife entitled to in a divorce in Mississippi?

Divorce Law
Divorce Law

When a couple is being separated they will definitely be deciding custody of the child. as well as, if there is any community property or any other property or everything will be coming into consideration when a wife is getting a divorce. 

There are some financial topics on which you and your partner can discuss. So let’s have some information on this. 

  • Most importantly, the disbursement of marital assets and liabilities that is a community property comes.
  • Then here comes the matter of providing complete child support. 
  • Also, there will be spousal support that will be given by the spouse to the wife in the form of alimony or maintenance. 

How are assets divided in Mississippi divorce?

When taking a look at the disbursement of the assets that would be divided in Mississippi divorce, here is some information related to how this property will be divided between both. 

Well, after the completion of the divorce, all community property will be divided equitably. it doesn’t mean that the property will be equal. According to Divorce Law in Mississippi, All the disbursement of the property will completely depend on equitable distribution law that would decide how much property will be divided between the two spouses. 

Because when the divorce is going to happen, it is the responsibility of both spouses to give complete information to the court about their current income and any other debts they owe. 

There are two types of properties that would be entitled to the purpose of a divorce. 

  • Marital property
  • Separate property 

How long do you have to be married to get half of everything in Mississippi?

Well, it is important to know that after how many years of getting married you will get half of everything in a divorce case. 

There will be a set duration of alimony if a marriage lasts under 10 years. but if it lasts 10 years or longer than this then it is explicit that there would not be any set time limit on spousal support. 


Hence, before filing a divorce petition, it is very necessary to go through all relative grounds and important information about a divorce process and Divorce Law in Mississippi. Also, property decisions will be decided by the judge as well. Therefore, for having your rights of property and maintenance or any alimony or any child support, you will firstly need to find the best and experienced divorce attorney who can completely help you to make a favorable thing for you. 

So, be aware of everything before getting into this case of divorce whether you are complying with all those grounds on which bases you can file your divorce petition or not.  If it is so, then definitely there will be divorce attorneys who will fight for your rights. 

For more information about getting connected with the divorce attorney, you can connect with us any time. Surely, we will be glad to help you.